Probably the oldest and most cost efficient trick in the book, utilising cross-ventilation as a way of moving air through your home via openings such as windows and vents.  This can be useful in winter and summer if air is drawn from the right place. We routinely install operable skylights, which can be either custom made (see or off the shelf (, all delivering light and air where and when you want it.


There are so many innovative solutions on the market which can allow you to retrofit insulation in existing walls without cutting out huge sections of plaster, having used Enviroflex on our Fairfield-3 project we know this works extremely well.

When undertaking work which allows access for new insulation batts, we routinely use Earthwool or equivalent eco-friendly insulations in order to minimise heat loss or gain from our projects.   

Reusing timber from your existing home is possible

We couldn’t be CRiSP GREEN HOMES if we didn’t know and work with Timber Revival, who is Australia’s highest volume processor of recycled timber. We have been able to work with Timber Revival (formerly Shiver Me Timbers) to recycle timber from buildings that we have improved, rather than sending old materials to the tip. Here is what they do (amongst other things!): “We source the best, highest quality demolition hardwoods from wharves, bridges, wool stores and factories across Australia and turn beautiful old timbers into new and contemporary products”. Check out their site:


​We have been working with the EcoGroup for many years, supplying excellent quality recycled bricks for our projects.  These products decrease waste to landfill, decrease cost and add delightful character to sustainable homes


During hot summers in Melbourne, we all understand just how uncomfortable it can be without greenery. Green roofing not only reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect, where the urban environment absorb and traps heat due to density of building materials, but provides food and sanctuary for insects and birds. Installing a green roof is becoming more straightforward, with councils and building surveyors understanding more about them. Not only is it beneficial for the health of you, your home and environment, the look amazing.