Probably the oldest and most cost efficient trick in the book, utilising cross-ventilation as a way of moving air through your home via openings such as windows and vents.  This can be useful in winter and summer if air is drawn from the right place. 

Did you know about eWood®?

We all understand recycling now, it is so ingrained in us that you really start to feel guilty if you place something that is recyclable into the normal trash. One company has taken the rubbish that we start feeling really bad about disposing of, such as old computers and other plastics, and developed a wood-like product called eWood® which can be used in the garden or as fencing. Check out their site:

Reusing timber from your existing home is possible

We couldn’t be CRiSP GREEN HOMES if we didn’t know and work with Timber Revival, who is Australia’s highest volume processor of recycled timber. We have been able to work with Timber Revival (formerly Shiver Me Timbers) to recycle timber from buildings that we have improved, rather than sending old materials to the tip. Here is what they do (amongst other things!): “We source the best, highest quality demolition hardwoods from wharves, bridges, wool stores and factories across Australia and turn beautiful old timbers into new and contemporary products”. Check out their site:


​We are hoping to work with The Brick Recyclers soon, stay tuned but check out there product - reusing and repurposing perfectly functional building material